Is It Safe To Swim In The Adriatic Sea In Croatia?

Yes, swimming in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia is regarded as generally safe as long as you take some precautions:
Always gradually enter into the water
Before jumping, make sure it’s deep enough
Many Croatian beaches are rocky or concrete. Some areas can be very slippery
If they’re not rocky, they are made up of pebbles. If you’re unstable, you can twist an ankle. Or worse, be ridiculed.
Waves can be exciting, but treacherous
Sea urchins lurk among the rocks
Swimming too far away from the coastline or outside of the designated beach limits can be highly risky because of water scooters and speed boats
If you fall asleep on a floating air mattress, you will need to get a ferry back from Italy. Or swim back.

Can A US Citizen Purchase Property In Croatia?

In 2019, more than 600,000 Americans visited Croatia. Many have fallen in love with Croatia and wonder: Can Americans buy real estate in Croatia?
YES. However, it is easier for EU citizens to buy property in Croatia. Yet, residents of several US states need to meet more requirements than the residents of some other US states.
Foreigners are still (until 2023) officially not allowed to purchase agricultural property in Croatia. However… there’s a legal loophole.
If you’re thinking about buying property in Croatia, you absolutely need assistance of an experienced lawyer or a realtor. Or else, you’re destined to fail.

How Much Is A Coke In Croatia?

Staying hydrated and energetic is vital for a tourist, right? A cold drink may be just what you need. How expensive is Coca Cola in Croatia? Are there other sodas that you can try and enjoy the Croatian summer like a native?
Coca Cola is the most expensive in cafes and restaurants. On average, a small bottle (0.25 litres, or 1 glass) costs 19 kunas (2.5 euros).
Coca Cola is significantly cheaper in McDonald’s restaurants
Of course, Coke is the least expensive in shops. However, keep in mind that prices of COKE may vary.
While you’re in the region, try a local version of Coke, named COCKTA.
If you’re more of a FANTA fan, give a chance to a Croatian version of Fanta, with a slightly quizzical name – PIPI
For a vitamin boost, try another very popular beverage in Croatia, CEDEVITA

Is Alcohol Cheap In Croatia?

If you’re planning your visit to Croatia, you may want to know how much money to take. Is Croatia expensive? What about alcoholic spirits? Is alcohol cheap in Croatia?
Croatia has the average European price of alcohol (or just slightly above average). That is good news to most Scandinavians, Irish and the British. Bad news for Romanians. And Croatians likewise!
Croatians love their cafes despite the prices
When in Croatia, try some traditional Croatian drinks. They also make great, authentic gifts to take back with you.

Can Foreigners Own Property In Croatia? Is Croatia Strict About It?

As a tour guide, I would often get questions like: “How much is a house in Croatia? or “Do you have property taxes?”. However, the most common question is: “Can foreigners (including US citizens) own property in Croatia?” As I was doing research, some findings surprised and even shocked me.
Citizens of the EU and Switzerland can buy property under same conditions as Croatian citizens, except for agricultural land, which is covered by special regulations. UK citizens have the same rights as the EU citizens until the end of 2020.
Non-EU citizens can own property in Croatia if there is a reciprocity agreement between their country (or a US state) and the Republic of Croatia.
Keep in mind that, for some reason, Croatian authorities appear to turn the blind eye on, or even more or less tacitly encourage, taking advantage of legal loopholes.

Can You Drink Alcohol On The Street In Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik has the bad reputation of being one of the most expensive places in Croatia. So you may be tempted to buy your own food and drink. Are you allowed to eat wherever you want? Can you drink alcohol on the street in Dubrovnik? Is smoking allowed?
NO. You are not allowed to drink alcohol on the street in Dubrovnik (Were you really expecting a different answer?). The fine is 1,000 kuna (130 euros), BTW.
You are not allowed to drink any kind of beverage or eat any kind of food near a historic monument (oops, I didn’t know that!) or do anything indecent
Speaking about indecency, you are not allowed to walk around in your swimsuit, take off your T-shirt or spit on the ground. Smoking on the street is (still) allowed, but you cannot drop cigarette butts on the ground.

Is The White House Really Made Of Croatian Limestone?

Croatia abounds in high-quality limestone. Many Croatians, and foreigners likewise, believe that the White House in Washington D.C. was made of the fine white stone from the island of Brač, Croatia. Is this true?
NO. No part of the White House was made of Croatian stone. Sorry.
Croatian limestone is an amazing building material, chosen by famous sculptors and architects.
A piece of Croatian limestone is a truly authentic souvenir of Croatia.

Are The Walls Of Ston, Croatia, Second Longest In The World?

Are The Walls Of Ston, Croatia, Second Longest In The World?NO. The Walls of Ston are not “the second longest wall in the world”, as some believe
The Walls of Ston may not even be the longest wall in Europe
However, the Walls of Ston are (most probably) the longest preserved medieval stone fortification system in Europe, and ONE of the longest such walls in the world.