Budget-Friendly DIY Boat&Beach Tour From Split Or Trogir

Finding a perfect beach in Split or in Trogir may be challenging. Either you have to walk much, or ride on a stuffy bus, or find parking (mission impossible), or get stuck in traffic, or pay much, only to end up at a super crowded beach.

However, there is an inexpensive, stress-free, fulfilling, short, safe and easy option you can go for instead, a perfect sweet spot: DISCOVER the beaches of SLATINE ON THE ISLAND OF ČIOVO!

  • the regular, inexpensive boat line would, in just 30 minutes, take you from the centre of either Split or Trogir right to the centre of Slatine, virtually 20 steps away from the nearest beach, and 30 steps from the nearest restaurant.
  • If you get the boat from Split, you will benefit from a rewarding panoramic view of Split and Marjan peninsula
  • If you’re staying in Trogir, you will first have a unique view of Trogir and then explore the landscape of the island of Čiovo
  • apart from the sunbathing and swimming in crystal-clear sea, the village offers beach bars, pizzerias, restaurants, shops and ice-cream parlours, children’s playgrounds and rent-a-jet-ski’s.
  • Away from the beach, the village hides its authentic, somewhat odd identity that is just waiting to be discovered.

The village of Slatine is situated at the eastern-most part of the island of Čiovo.

Administratively, it is part of the City of Split.

Actually, Split is just across the narrow channel and is visible from most beaches in Slatine.

On this photo, Split is found in the distance, right underneath the road sign.

A Refreshing Boat Ride

Whether you get on a boat in Split or in Trogir, the boat to Slatine is extremely easy to find.

The tickets are purchased on the boat, so no need to do that in advance.

If it’s not too hot (especially if you’re taking the boat in the morning), you may try to get the seat on the upper deck. There’s no protection from the sun there, but the experience is unbeatable.

And since you’re getting off at the “next station”, in approximately half an hour, you will benefit so much. However, in order to get those seats up there, you need to be at the pier at least 20 minutes in advance. It’s worth it, though.

To find the boat to Slatine from Trogir, simply go to the Čiovo bridge, next to the historic centre. The boat leaves from a pier on the island, couple of steps to the east of the bridge.

If you’re in Split, the boat to Slatine leaves (somewhere) from this area, next to the building with a green dome at the waterfront.

A Perfect Day Out On The Beach

Once you get off the boat, you’re on the beach! And the water is perfectly clear everywhere.

If you’re on a lookout for some shade, though, you’d have to be quick to find a spot beneath the lush green tamarix trees.

However, renting a parasol is also an option.

Or you can just go to a beach bar when you’ve had enough sunshine.

A potential challenge you’d have to face in Slatine, as well as the rest of Dalmatia, are the pebbles.

Although you would eventually get used to walking on them or feeling them under your beach towel, at first the pebbles may be rather unpleasant.

Renting a plastic deck chair or putting on some sort of beach shoes can relieve you of the pain and misery.

Split “over the rainbow”, viewed from a Slatine beach
The beaches of Slatine transform to fountains in wintertime…

Discover The Odd Village Centre

A short walk away from the sea, the beaches and the restaurants, a lost world defies modern tourism.

I have an entire article on this facet of Slatine that is truly fascinating.

In order to discover this hidden universe, you need to take a short walk up the hill, towards the parish church. It’s to the west of the port.

Be ready to feel like a voyeur, since you’ll be walking through the narrow streets, by open windows and across scruffy courtyards.

Basically, all you need to do is to get off the main road, and pick any of the narrow alleys to your left hand side. Consequently, meander through the village.

Open your eyes and mind to the most weird and unusual combinations of virtually everything. I have found this higgledy-piggledy architecture to be particularly attractive.

Discover The Dry Walls And Olive Groves Of Slatine

Not that long time ago, life was hard on the island. You had to virtually create soil to grow crops and conquer it from the rocky desert.

The result is a living monument to the patience, hard work and perseverance of Dalmatian people.

An ancient olive grove in Slatine
Dry walls in Slatine re-conquered by the forest

These landscapes can be easily accessed from the beach area. You only have to use your instinct. Just take any of the streets behind the beach and – walk!

If You Are A Serious Hiker

One of the most romantic and powerful landscapes in the area is situated on the southern side of the island of Čiovo, some 45 minutes walk away from the port.

The hermitage of Prizidnica was established in the 16th century on a most inhospitable cliff.

Prizidnica hermitage, Slatine

Once you get off the boat, just walk by the sea eastwards. Almost at the end of the village waterfront, the road forks upwards. Follow the road up the hill.

Eventually, you’ll reach a small parking lot. Turn right here and walk down the hill.

Soon, you will feel lost in time and space.

The narrow passage between the hermit’s houses and the cliff are full of candle wax

The southern cliffs of the Čiovo island are home to an endemic Dalmatian plant, Centaurea ragusina (Dubrovnik Knapweed), or, in Croatian, Dubrovačka zečina.

The amazing bonsai-like formations decorate the crude cliffs

After the long hike, make the final effort and walk down to the Adriatic sea.

Now, this would be one of the most refreshing and exciting experiences – jumping into the deep, crystal-clear water, away from the modern civilisation and the hordes of tourists.

Relax, enjoy, indulge. However, be aware that you have a boat to catch!

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