How Much Is A Coke In Croatia?

Staying hydrated and energetic is vital for a tourist, right? A cold drink may be just what you need. How expensive is Coca Cola in Croatia? Are there other sodas that you can try and enjoy the Croatian summer like a native?
Coca Cola is the most expensive in cafes and restaurants. On average, a small bottle (0.25 litres, or 1 glass) costs 19 kunas (2.5 euros).
Coca Cola is significantly cheaper in McDonald’s restaurants
Of course, Coke is the least expensive in shops. However, keep in mind that prices of COKE may vary.
While you’re in the region, try a local version of Coke, named COCKTA.
If you’re more of a FANTA fan, give a chance to a Croatian version of Fanta, with a slightly quizzical name – PIPI
For a vitamin boost, try another very popular beverage in Croatia, CEDEVITA

How Much Is A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea In Croatia?

a average price of a (basic) cup of espresso is 1.5 euros. The more drops of milk you add, the more expensive it gets.
a cup of tea is often more expensive than coffee (up to 2 euros) because it’s usually served by default with lemon and honey. Why? Because tea, (black tea in particular), is normally taken as a medicine to soothe too frequent bowel movements. Usually, only sick people have tea. Or people with frostbites.
sitting by a cup of coffee for hours is one of the main, even quintessential ingredients of the Croatian lifestyle. This may well be the reason why Croatian economy is not doing too well.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Croatia?

Generally speaking, tap water in Croatia is tasty and perfectly safe to drink
In some areas of Croatia tap water may become unsafe after heavy rains. You will then be advised to boil the water or buy bottled water.
Unless you want to try some of Croatia’s prised mineral waters, always specify that you want tap water.

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