What Is The Language Spoken In Croatia?

The language spoken in Croatia is – Croatian!
Not that long time ago, the official language spoken in Croatia was called Croatian-Serbian (or Serbo-Croatian). Almost 100 percent of Croatian and Serbian are mutually intelligible.
You may need to be an expert to tell the difference between Bosnian, Montenegrin and Croatian language.
Most speakers of Slovenian and Macedonian understand Croatian very well. If you speak Russian, Czech, Polish or Ukrainian, you would be able to understand many Croatian words.

Is English Spoken In Croatia?

YES. More than 60 percent of Croatians speak English. Croatia ranks among top 14 countries IN THE WORLD with VERY HIGH PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH
Croatians just LOVE subtitles. You will be able to watch (the re-runs) of your favourite shows or sitcoms on Croatian TV.
Most road signs and inscriptions in shops, restaurants and museums come with an English translation
Some 20 percent of Croatians do not speak ANY foreign language, including English. You will most likely be able to communicate with them, too.

How Do You Say “Thanks” To A Croatian?

From my experience as a tour guide, saying “thank you” in Croatian is the first thing foreigners learn. So, what’s “Thanks” in Croatian? HVALA (pronounce it as koala, just replace the K with an H). Basic way to say thanks. HVALA LIJEPA (pronounce it as: hoala lee-yeah-pah). Thanks a lot VELIKA HVALA (pronounce it as:…

How Do You Say Hello In Croatian?

Although many Croatians speak English, they will appreciate your attempts to greet them in Croatian and think it’s cute. So, how do you say hello in Croatian? Some Croatians show their love for their nation more openly than the others. Apart from a showy display of your love for the Homeland in form of a…