Are There Snakes In Croatia?

There are around 16 species of snakes in Croatia. Most are totally harmless. Except for the 3. Yikes. But take heart, Croatians are known to be brutal to snakes.
Expect to see the snakes at national parks, in the bush, and especially in the mountains. Or just look away.
If you’re bitten by a viper, take a deep breath, relax, observe the wound and… cry for HELP!

Are There Dangerous Animals, Like Bears, In Croatia?

As a tour guide, I often tell jokes about bears. Are there really bears in Croatia? Are they dangerous? BTW, this could be a perfect souvenir to take home from Croatia. In most Croatian shops it’s sold for 7,50 kunas. In money exchange offices in Croatia it can cost as much as 10 Euros. Well,…