How Much Is A Coke In Croatia?

Staying hydrated and energetic is vital for a tourist, right? A cold drink may be just what you need. How expensive is Coca Cola in Croatia? Are there other sodas that you can try and enjoy the Croatian summer like a native?
Coca Cola is the most expensive in cafes and restaurants. On average, a small bottle (0.25 litres, or 1 glass) costs 19 kunas (2.5 euros).
Coca Cola is significantly cheaper in McDonald’s restaurants
Of course, Coke is the least expensive in shops. However, keep in mind that prices of COKE may vary.
While you’re in the region, try a local version of Coke, named COCKTA.
If you’re more of a FANTA fan, give a chance to a Croatian version of Fanta, with a slightly quizzical name – PIPI
For a vitamin boost, try another very popular beverage in Croatia, CEDEVITA

Is Alcohol Cheap In Croatia?

If you’re planning your visit to Croatia, you may want to know how much money to take. Is Croatia expensive? What about alcoholic spirits? Is alcohol cheap in Croatia?
Croatia has the average European price of alcohol (or just slightly above average). That is good news to most Scandinavians, Irish and the British. Bad news for Romanians. And Croatians likewise!
Croatians love their cafes despite the prices
When in Croatia, try some traditional Croatian drinks. They also make great, authentic gifts to take back with you.

Can You Drink Alcohol On The Street In Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik has the bad reputation of being one of the most expensive places in Croatia. So you may be tempted to buy your own food and drink. Are you allowed to eat wherever you want? Can you drink alcohol on the street in Dubrovnik? Is smoking allowed?
NO. You are not allowed to drink alcohol on the street in Dubrovnik (Were you really expecting a different answer?). The fine is 1,000 kuna (130 euros), BTW.
You are not allowed to drink any kind of beverage or eat any kind of food near a historic monument (oops, I didn’t know that!) or do anything indecent
Speaking about indecency, you are not allowed to walk around in your swimsuit, take off your T-shirt or spit on the ground. Smoking on the street is (still) allowed, but you cannot drop cigarette butts on the ground.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Croatia?

Generally speaking, tap water in Croatia is tasty and perfectly safe to drink
In some areas of Croatia tap water may become unsafe after heavy rains. You will then be advised to boil the water or buy bottled water.
Unless you want to try some of Croatia’s prised mineral waters, always specify that you want tap water.

What Is The Legal Age To Drink In Croatia? Is Croatia Strict On Drinking Age?

According to several Croatian laws, the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons UNDER THE AGE OF 18 is prohibited in retail trade, and at all points of sale where alcoholic beverages are sold, a sign prohibiting their sale to persons UNDER THE AGE OF 18 must be displayed.
A waiter or a bartender has the discretion right not to serve a customer, that is, to allow the customer to consume alcoholic beverages, if he assesses that the customer is less than 18 years old, and the guest does not voluntarily prove that he is older than 18 by means of identity documents.
According to a Croatian survey, 35% of minors in Croatia buy alcohol personally; 33% of minors drink alcohol at home; 48% of minors have never been prevented from buying alcohol in a store or a bar.
The same survey revealed that 35% of adult Croatians think that drinking alcohol in a normal part of growing up, whereas 45% would allow minors to drink at special occasions.

Can You Drink Outside In Croatia?

Drinking alcohol outside of restaurants and bars is NOT ALLOWED in most, if not all, Croatian cities.
However, the way local authorities across Croatia sanction drinking in public may differ. The fines range from issuing a warning, over 30€ to as much as 700€.
Some public areas have traditionally been associated with drinking alcohol, so the authorities might even turn the blind eye on that practice under certain circumstances.