What Is The Language Spoken In Croatia?

The language spoken in Croatia is – Croatian!
Not that long time ago, the official language spoken in Croatia was called Croatian-Serbian (or Serbo-Croatian). Almost 100 percent of Croatian and Serbian are mutually intelligible.
You may need to be an expert to tell the difference between Bosnian, Montenegrin and Croatian language.
Most speakers of Slovenian and Macedonian understand Croatian very well. If you speak Russian, Czech, Polish or Ukrainian, you would be able to understand many Croatian words.

How Long Does It Take To Walk The Wall Of Dubrovnik?

If you run, literally, you may be able to do it in 45 minutes
At normal (touristy) pace, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to walk the entire wall of Dubrovnik
If you visit the Fortress of St. Lawrence (Lovrjenac), it my take at least half an hour longer. But it’s worth it.
The visit of the Dubrovnik City Walls can be cut short or made less difficult

Things To Do In Trogir (For Free)

Here are some reasons to add Trogir, one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia,to your travel plans, especially if you are staying in Split or Šibenik. 1. Travel Through The Fantastic Medieval Universe You cannot miss it. The most prominent church in Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence (or St. John, as locals…

Where Is Dalmatia? And Where Do Dalmatian Dogs Really Come From?

Many Croatians, including myself, take the term Dalmatia for granted. And use it as if everybody should know what they mean by Dalmatia. So, where is Dalmatia? And what is the origin of Dalmatian dogs? Dalmatia is situated by the Adriatic Sea, in Croatia. Dalmatia is about a spirit, a frame of mind, an atmosphere…