Is English Spoken In Croatia?

YES. More than 60 percent of Croatians speak English. Croatia ranks among top 14 countries IN THE WORLD with VERY HIGH PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH
Croatians just LOVE subtitles. You will be able to watch (the re-runs) of your favourite shows or sitcoms on Croatian TV.
Most road signs and inscriptions in shops, restaurants and museums come with an English translation
Some 20 percent of Croatians do not speak ANY foreign language, including English. You will most likely be able to communicate with them, too.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Croatia?

Generally speaking, tap water in Croatia is tasty and perfectly safe to drink
In some areas of Croatia tap water may become unsafe after heavy rains. You will then be advised to boil the water or buy bottled water.
Unless you want to try some of Croatia’s prised mineral waters, always specify that you want tap water.

Can You Drink Outside In Croatia?

Drinking alcohol outside of restaurants and bars is NOT ALLOWED in most, if not all, Croatian cities.
However, the way local authorities across Croatia sanction drinking in public may differ. The fines range from issuing a warning, over 30€ to as much as 700€.
Some public areas have traditionally been associated with drinking alcohol, so the authorities might even turn the blind eye on that practice under certain circumstances.

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