How Long Does It Take To Walk The Wall Of Dubrovnik?

If you run, literally, you may be able to do it in 45 minutes
At normal (touristy) pace, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to walk the entire wall of Dubrovnik
If you visit the Fortress of St. Lawrence (Lovrjenac), it my take at least half an hour longer. But it’s worth it.
The visit of the Dubrovnik City Walls can be cut short or made less difficult

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Croatia?

Generally speaking, tap water in Croatia is tasty and perfectly safe to drink
In some areas of Croatia tap water may become unsafe after heavy rains. You will then be advised to boil the water or buy bottled water.
Unless you want to try some of Croatia’s prised mineral waters, always specify that you want tap water.

Are There Herbs That May Kill Viruses?

I love herbal medicine. At the onset of 2020 health crisis I wondered: “Do I know of herbs growing in Croatia that may be able to cure viral infections?” I did some research and, among many, I came up with these two herbs:
Rockrose (bušin in Croatian, or Cistus spp.)
Olive Leaf (list masline in Croatian, or Olea Europea leaf)

Look For Capers!

I love capers. Did you know that capers grow in Croatia? Where can you find them? What should you do with capers? What are the superpowers of capers? Capers grow along the Croatian coastline Capers prefer sunny locations, preferably old walls Capers can be stored in salt or pickled Capers may prevent cancer Could capers…

Which Is The Best Month To Visit Croatia?

As a tour guide I often get asked which month is the best to visit Croatia. If you wish to visit Dubrovnik, Split or the Plitvice Lakes National Park, consider visiting Croatia in… Of course, Croatia is stunning all year around. And there certainly is a reason why so many people visit Croatia in Summer….

What Can You Do In Dubrovnik For Free?

Is everything really so expensive in Dubrovnik? Here’s a list of my favourite 5 activities you can do in Dubrovnik for free. And have a time of your life. This is certainly my favourite spot in Dubrovnik. It’s extremely beautiful. And surprisingly empty. A perfect combination. As a tourist guide, I really appreciate moments of…