Can Foreigners Own Property In Croatia? Is Croatia Strict About It?

As a tour guide, I would often get questions like: “How much is a house in Croatia? or “Do you have property taxes?”. However, the most common question is: “Can foreigners (including US citizens) own property in Croatia?” As I was doing research, some findings surprised and even shocked me.
Citizens of the EU and Switzerland can buy property under same conditions as Croatian citizens, except for agricultural land, which is covered by special regulations. UK citizens have the same rights as the EU citizens until the end of 2020.
Non-EU citizens can own property in Croatia if there is a reciprocity agreement between their country (or a US state) and the Republic of Croatia.
Keep in mind that, for some reason, Croatian authorities appear to turn the blind eye on, or even more or less tacitly encourage, taking advantage of legal loopholes.